A Day in the Life of a Sports Digital Manager

A digital manager in the sports industry has among the most exciting jobs in the digital industry.

This is because, in addition to daily content plans, a sports digital media manager should also be adept at creating and posting content for live sporting events.

Live content is a feature that is unique to just a handful of industries, one among them being sport.

A sports digital manager has three primary tasks on a daily basis:

Planning and executing

A sports digital media manager is in charge of planning and executing digital media content plans. This could include everything from putting together a content calendar, scheduling posts and content, and tracking engagement on the content.

Data Tracking and Analytics

A sports digital media manager spends a part of his or her day tracking data that is related to the content plans.

This data includes, but is not restricted to engagement such as likes and retweets, conversations such as comments and mentions, and communication such as feedback and direct messages.

Data also includes tracking impressions, fans and follower counts, and also conversions, for e.g. how many fans and followers who saw a post for game day tickets clicked and purchased a ticket to the next game.


Compiling the data and its analysis in reports is part of a sports digital manager’s duty. 

Reports can be daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Reports not only help keep all stakeholders informed on how a campaign or campaigns are performing, but also highlight what steps should be taken to adapt and improve a campaign if needed.


Does becoming a sports digital manager get you excited?

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