A guide to getting a job in the Indian sports industry in 2020

The last couple of months have not been great for the world.

Consequently, they have affected the sports industry, both in India and globally as well.

Sports are an important part of a well-functioning society.

In India as well, while major events, in particular the Indian Premier League, have been postponed, there is little doubt in the minds of authorities and sports lovers that sports will get back to normal only once the situation improves.

In such a scenario, how do you, dear reader, begin the process of finding a job in the Indian sports industry?

Maybe you are a fresher.

Maybe you are a freelancer or an employee whose future is uncertain because of postponed or canceled events.

Maybe you are an experienced executive in another field who might have been laid off and want to use this as a chance to change career paths into the sports industry.

While all three situations might seem different, the process of finding a job in the Indian sports industry is the same.

1. Highlight and Enhance your Proficiency: Every time an economy (and let us look at the Indian sports industry as a mini-economy) bounces back, the first people to get jobs are those who have a specific skill set that companies need immediately. In such a scenario it is important to have a deep understanding of what your skills are and which of them are required in the current economic scenario.

2. Understand and Develop your Personality Type: In a recovering economy, there are two kinds of people that usually succeed in getting jobs: Leaders and Executors. Leaders are those who can take initiative and drive their team towards a goal, Executors are those who can execute various aspects of a project efficiently. Both roles are critically important. Without direction and vision a team has nothing to do, and without execution a vision is meaningless. 

3. Apply to jobs where odds of success are higher: Success here refers to getting a job. If your skill is content writing, and you execute projects well, then you have a better chance of landing a job within a content team than managing a hospitality team at a live game. Find and apply for a job where the odds of you getting the job are high.

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