Am I truly passionate about working in the Indian sports industry?

This is a strange question, right?

“Of course, I am!” you say. “This seems like a silly question?!”

Actually, it is not. It is an important question.

Everyone who currently works in the Indian sports industry asks themselves this question every day.

Surprised? Do not be. We at Sporjo will tell you why this is an important question.

Sports is associated with passion. The word passion is believed to have originated from the Latin word passio, which means “intense or vehement emotion or desire”. Most of us sports lovers and fans can relate to this feeling. We feel strongly about our teams, our favorite players, and our favorite sport.

And while passion is a great motivator, it is important to remember that working in the Indian sports industry requires one to be professional. And often, being professional in the face of passion, and vice versa, can be a very difficult task.

Take the example of passionate sports fans who work in the Indian sports industry crossing paths with their idols. You see Sunil Chhetri walking by while you are the hospitality manager at the Indian Super League. Or you are at a shoot with P V Sindhu while you work as an executive for Li Ning. It is as these times that, against all odds,  you have to maintain a sense of professionalism. You are not there as a passionate fan, but as a professional executive doing your job. Athletes are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. And if you do ask them for a photo or a moment of their time, they will almost never refuse. However, it is on you to be disciplined and remain professional when faced with such a situation. This is simple, but often not easy.

Another thing to remember is that all passionate sports fans associate sports with happiness. But working in the Indian sports industry, just like any other industry, is not fun all the time. There are hard tough days, where even the most passionately driven sports fans can become exhausted. It is at these times that you have to remember, that while your passion can get you far, it is your commitment to fulfilling your duty and job - in other words, being professional - that will get you over the hump in a tough work-related situation.

At Sporjo we believe that personality + proficiency will get you a job and help you build a career in the Indian sports industry. We also believe that professionalism is what will help make the journey much easier.

If you are confused about how to get started towards getting a job and building a career in the Indian sports industry, sign up to register with us at Sporjo, and we will help you get started on that journey.