Are there paid internships in the Indian sports industry?

Like any other industry, internships in the Indian sports industry are both paid and unpaid.

Unpaid internships, although rare, are usually when a company needs candidates for a very short term project between 4-8 weeks. The role is usually supplementary, i.e. supporting, to an existing role, and is focused on executing the job given. Unpaid internships are usually taken up by high school students, or fresh college graduates seeking to gain an edge by having real-world experience. Unpaid internships, if done well, will include a letter of acknowledgment and recognition for the candidate. Examples are match-day marshals at a live event or digital media executives for a particular campaign.

Paid internships are usually when a company needs candidates for medium-team projects between 8-24 weeks. The job role, although supplementary, usually comes with additional expectations that the candidate has to meet by or before the end of the internship. Paid internships include Key Performance Indicators or KPIs for the candidate to meet, and the candidate’s performance is assessed on a regular basis. Paid internships are taken up by fresh or young graduates who want to step into and build a career in the Indian sports industry. Examples of a paid internship would be a digital media executive for a large brand marketing campaign, a junior staff such as an assistant to the sales & sponsorship manager of a club, or even an events executive for a live or non-live event.

There is one thing unique about the internship landscape in Indian sport. Leagues have tried their best to schedule dates so that they are not competing with each other. In such a scenario, high-quality interns are in demand year-round. 

Sporting entities such as clubs, leagues, federations and companies are also constantly on the lookout for high-quality candidates to fill up permanent job roles in their organization. It is not uncommon for hIgh-quality interns that have proven themselves during the course of their internship to stand a chance to turn a temporary internship into a permanent position.

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