Can I change my career to work in the Indian sport industry?

The Indian sports industry continues to evolve.

Ever since its professionalization since the launch of the Indian Premier League in 2008, sports companies and organizations in India continue to become more professional.

Even teams and federations are bringing more structure to their organizations.

Everyone in the Indian sports industry understands that in order to continue to evolve and grow, it is important to build a professional and competent workforce.


Professionals in other industries often ask this question: can I change careers to work in the Indian sports industry.

The answer is, yes.

The Indian sports industry is extremely diverse, and it needs qualified and trained professionals in every aspect.

There are over 50 types of job roles available in multiple verticals across the sports industry.

And most of these require a professional certification.

Are you a qualified Chartered Accountant? You may join a sports brand as a financial planner or auditor.

Are you a qualified doctor? You may join a host of sports clinics and hospitals across the country. Or even join a professional team as a team doctor.

Are you a qualified engineer? You may join a sports company looking to solve a problem using technology.

Similarly, professionals in marketing, sales, administration, and other such professionals will be able to find a job in the Indian sports industry if:

1. They have a passion for sport and working in sports

2. They have the personality to work in an environment that is growing rapidly 

3. They have the proficiency for the role and designation they are applying to, and

4. In cases of specialised jobs, the requisite certifications.

It is important to remember that companies in the Indian sport industry are like a company in any other industry.

They function as a unit that seeks to earn revenues and turn a profit.

The only difference is that these companies have the fortune of operating in an industry that thrives on passion.


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