Do cos in the Indian sports industry care about how passionate I am about sports?

Yes, and no.

Passion is an important element in sports. 

In fact sports, as an industry, thrives on passion. The most passionate fans, supporters and followers, are sports’ most valuable resource for the business and growth of a sports industry.

However, when it comes to finding a job or beginning a career in the Indian sports industry, passion, although helpful, is not a deciding factor between two candidates.

Everyone currently working in the Indian sports industry is passionate about sports in some way. 

But all of them have a job or a career in the Indian sports industry, not because they are passionate, but because they bring something of value - either a skill or specific knowledge - that enables them to add value to the organization that they work for.

Passion to work in the Indian sports industry is welcome. But a passionate candidate with no clear employable or valuable skill is going to find it very hard to find a job, or begin a career in the Indian sports industry.

Organizations in the Indian sports Industry love passionate fans. But they need proficient employees with the right personalities to work in the organization. 

Take for example a candidate who is passionate about cricket, but is applying for a job in football. She may not share the same passion for football as she does for cricket; but the organization she has applied to feels she is the right fit for the role. In this case, her shortage, or lack of passion for football will not stand in her way of getting the job.

Then there is the flip side of passion. 

What if you are not passionate about sports, but want to work in the Indian sports industry? 

As mentioned before, if you have proficiency in a particular skill set for a job, and have a personality that matches the job description, then there is very little reason for a company in the Indian sports industry not to hire you. 

That being said, were it come down to a choice between two candidates, both of whom are perfect for the job, the candidate with a passion for sport, however little, will have an edge.

Passion is welcome. But the right Personality and adequate Proficiency is what is needed to get a job in the Indian sports industry.

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