How can I get a job in Indian sports operations?

As mentioned in an earlier post, operations are at the core of working in the sports industry.

This is particularly important in Indian sports as it is an industry that is arguably just a little over a decade old.

Now that you know the kinds of roles available, let us discuss what is required to get a job in Indian sports operations.


This skill is paramount to not just getting a job, but building a successful career in Indian sports operations. As mentioned in our earlier post, an operations team can consist of up to 15 smaller teams. These teams have to work seamlessly in conjunction with each other in order to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Problem Solving

No event is perfect. And problems abound during an event. As a matter of fact, experienced operations personnel often say “the smoother the event for the spectators, the more chaotic the event for the operations team”. It is important for a candidate to be an astute problem solver. This does not mean that he/she has to solve all problems alone, but instead work with others on the team to find a solution in order to ensure a smooth and successful event.

Work under stress

Events and its operations are high-stress environments. There are multiple things happening at the same time at a sports event; more so during a live sports event. It is important for a candidate to be comfortable, calm and relaxed in such high-stress situations

High Energy - Mental & Physical

Sports operations is a high-energy environment that does not see a moment of rest on the day of the event. Even the days leading to the event are hectic and require many hours of work. It is important to be a candidate who has high levels of energy - both mental and physical - in order to not just get a job, but to succeed in sports operations.

The above four elements may not fall into the classic definition of a “skill”, which is often defined as “the ability to do something well; expertise”. But they are critical intangible elements or skills that any and every employer is looking for in a candidate they wish to hire for a role in sports operations.


The key to increasing your odds of landing a job and building a career as soon as possible is finding and applying to roles that suit your passion, complement your personality and value your proficiency.

Hitting all three targets - passion, personality, proficiency - dramatically increase your odds of successfully finding a job in the Indian sports industry.

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