How do I build a career in the Indian sports industry?

Before we answer the question, let us define a career

A career is “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress”. 

To simplify the definition, picking a career not only impacts a person’s future in a positive way but is also long enough for opportunities to grow to reveal themselves.

Prior to the Indian Premier League in 2008, a career in Indian sport was improbable. There were only a few opportunities, and often, the only way to get a job was to know someone who knew someone who knew an important person at a company associated with sports!

The IPL changed all that. Once India saw that sports can be professionally organised at a national level, the ceiling was broken. Sports saw a massive increase in funding, and many other successful professional leagues were launched since 2014!

This led to the creation of thousands of jobs. Teams needed coaching and training personnel, players needed managers, leagues needed administrators, broadcasters needed commentators, investors needed lawyers and finance professionals, and the list goes on!

The list of jobs in the Indian sports industry is very big, and it grows every day. With all this job creation, how can you, dear reader, build a career in the Indian sports industry?

At Sporjo we believe in making things simple. So here are the three questions you can ask yourself today towards building a career in the Indian sports industry.

1. What is your Personality?: Before you begin to build a career in the Indian sports industry, it is important to know yourself. This may seem cliche, and probably even a bit vague. But knowing ourselves and understanding our personality type are two different things. We often think of personality in absolutes, for e.g. He is an introvert, or she is an extrovert. But a personality type is far more complex than that. At Breathe, we learned, that is a critical starting point towards building a career in the Indian sports industry. 

2. What is your level of Proficiency?: Simply put, what skill are you good at? Understanding your personality type will help you determine what skill you can master naturally. Are you a good event organizer? Are you good with Excel sheets? Are you a former athlete who has great relationships with current athletes? Are you on top of social media trends and analysis? Once you recognize your skill, you can match it with a niche to create a career in the Indian sports industry.

It is simple, Personality + Proficiency = Career! 

3. Can you be patient?: Often you may not see immediate growth or reward that matches your expectations. But if there is one thing that is common amongst everyone who has made it big in the Indian sports industry it is patience - patience to stick around long enough for success to find them.

At Sporjo we have built a one-stop destination for all you need to know about working in sports in India. And you can sign up and register with us here are Sporjo to get started on building your career in the Indian sports industry.