How do I find a job in the Indian sports industry?

At first glance, the question seems very straightforward. You find a job in the Indian sports industry by looking in all places that have relevant job listings and applying to jobs that you feel you are suited for.

Simple, right?

Not really.

Ask anyone who has ever looked for a job in the Indian sports industry and they will tell you that it is a more complex process than it seems. Especially in the Indian sports industry.

First, let us, here at Sporjo, help you examine why this is so.

Sports have been around in India for several decades. We have had football clubs since the late 1800s, our first participation at the Olympics came in 1900 - the second-ever Olympics to be organized, and ancient India is credited with the origin of modern games such as badminton, polo and, of course, kabaddi.

But organized professional sport, as it exists in much of the western world, came about with the arrival of leagues in India, starting with the Indian Premier League in 2008.

That is just 12 years back. Compared to other leagues and professional sports around the world which have had several decades to organize and turn professional, organized professional sports in India is just 12 years old.

This means that the Indian sports industry is still evolving. And while the number of jobs is growing, the demand for those jobs is growing at a much faster pace. 

In such a scenario it is important for job seekers to stand out by doing four things:

1. Execute small projects: Companies in the Indian sports industry are always on the lookout for candidates who can contribute from day one on the job. This means that anyone who has been part of even a small project such as maintaining a personal blog for Indian football, running a social media campaign for the development of Indian basketball, or organizing a sports festival stands a better chance than someone who may not have some real-world experience. 

2. A professional LinkedIn profile: Maintain and update both with all the projects you have executed, and the skills you possess. Make sure you have a good profile picture taken. Make sure the grammar and spellings are all checked. A professional looking profile stands out easily.

3. Identify your Personality and Proficiency: We have written a whole post on this, so feel free to check it out 

4. Stay patient and persistent: As mentioned earlier, jobs are not easy to come by. But there are hundreds, if not thousands of job openings in the Indian sports industry. A key to landing a good job to get you started on a career in the Indian sports industry is to keep patiently looking, knowing more about the roles and expectations from them, while also being persistent in your efforts.

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