How do I turn my passion into a profession in the Indian sports industry?

Passion, especially in sport, is a word that gets used a lot. Almost every job candidate we have ever met or interviewed says they joined the Indian sports industry because they were “passionate about sports”. But if every person in the Indian sports industry is just as passionate about sports as the other, why are some able to build long careers while others struggle to find a job in the Indian sports industry? Is it because one person is more passionate than the others? 


The important question you need to ask yourself is, what is the story behind your passion?

Every sports fan’s passion is rooted in a unique story. While two people can have the same level of passion for a sport, team, or even an athlete, the reason behind that passion is unique, like your personality, your fingerprint, or your eyes. The story of how, when, and why you became a fan of your sport or your team is unique to you. It will be different from the stories of your fellow fans, even if they were a fan of the same sport, team, and even athlete!

In that case, does your story of passion for sport impact how you can turn that passion into a profession in the Indian sports industry? The answer is, yes, it does. Passion is a given and everyone who wants to work in sports should be passionate 

The simple formula to remember is Passion + Personality + Proficiency = Job / Career in the Indian sports industry.

While there is no doubt you might be as passionate as anyone else who is seeking to find a job and build a career in the Indian sports industry, it is important to first understand and answer two questions:

One, Where is your passion rooted? More importantly, why are you passionate about sport and how does that reflect your personality type?

And two, what specific skill are you proficient at that will complement your passion for sports?

These may seem like simple questions, but they are critical to understanding if and why you are cut out for a career in the sports industry. Once you have answered the above two questions, it becomes easier to craft a path towards building a career in the Indian sports industry. 

Our Sporjo team’s 20+ years experience has given us a unique insight into the way the Indian sports industry functions: and one of those insights is that the combination of a deep passionate personality, combined with a certain level of proficiency at a skill is what is common amongst all of those who have built long and successful careers in the Indian sports industry.

At Sporjo, our endeavour is to not only help you find a job and build a career in the Indian sports industry but to also make the journey from “I-do-not-know-where-to-start” to “I-got-my-dream-job-!” as effective, smooth, and efficient as possible.

So let us get you started on the journey without a moment to waste. Click here to learn more about us today.