How do you build a digital plan for a sports federation?

Federations are the governing bodies of sports across the globe.

As such, however, they often do most of their work in the background, while professional teams and athletes take the limelight that comes with being in the front.

The evolution of digital media has now enabled federations to step into the limelight by finding ways to communicate directly with the fans of the sport that they govern.

Federations across the globe now seek the best talent to manage every aspect of their business. Digital media is no different.

In India, the proliferation of professional leagues and the rising profile of sports has encouraged federations to adapt and adopt modern digital media practices to build their following and brand.

Creating a sound digital media plan for a federation has the following objectives:

  • Inform, engage and celebrate the sport’s athletes and/or team milestones and achievements.
  • Inform and engage on new, or changes in existing policies and regulations
  • Highlight national and international schedules, programs, athletes and/or teams
  • Increase demand for the sport through consumption, participation, sponsorship
  • Help increase revenues in the sport they govern
  • Highlight federations social causes

Creating this digital media plan requires four steps:

  • Establishing the objectives of the plan - why it is needed and what it sets out to achieve.
  • Setting metrics that spell out success at multiple checkpoints such as weekly metrics, monthly metrics, and quarterly metrics
  • Executing the plan by hiring the right personnel, and using the digital media tools best suited to the plan
  • Tracking and reporting on data to find out what is working and what is not.

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