Is the pay in the sports industry less than other industries?

This is a common question among those who wish to join the Indian sports industry for their first job, or those looking to transition after spending a few years in another industry.

Just like any other industry, companies in the Indian sports industry base their pay scale on the value and experience a candidate brings to the table.

There are cases where those who work in the sports industry make as much as their peers.

In some cases, even more than their peers.

But just as you cannot compare the pay of the medical profession to that of the engineering profession; comparing pay in the sports industry to another is not the right way to look at pay.

If you are someone who has a specialization such as a degree in physiotherapy, or law, you may be in a position to find a job in the sports industry that may be able to pay you at the level of your peers.

However, if you have a more generic degree such as business administration or marketing, your pay will depend on your level of skill and experience for the job role.

We have discussed experience in this blog post. (LINK)

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