What are job roles are available on a professional team?

The staff for a professional team can be divided into two broad categories.

One, Technical Staff.

Two, Support Staff.

Technical staff

The technical staff roles include coaching staff such as Head Coach and Assistant Coaches, sports science staff such as Physiotherapists and Doctors, and training, recovery and rehabilitation staff such as Trainers and Sports masseurs.

Candidates on the technical staff are highly qualified individuals that carry certifications in a field of expertise such as a FIFA License, or an MBBS degree. While their passion for sport does count, it is their inherent proficiency in their field of expertise that is the critical decider to them getting a role on a professional team’s technical staff.

Support staff

The support staff roles include:

Team Manager: This is an individual tasked with keeping the entire team, i.e. players and staff, functioning as a cohesive unit. He or she is tasked with being the voice within the team and being the one point of contact between staff and the players. It is a role that comes with incredible responsibility and if often given to those with relevant experience.

Club Logistics Officer: This is an individual tasked with managing the logistics of a professional team. A CLO is responsible for arranging everything from flights, ground transport, hotel accommodation, practice facilities and security for the team both in the home city and at away games.

Analyst: As the role suggests this is an individual tasked with providing analysis of data collected on the team’s and player’s games and practice sessions. This data and analysis are presented to the coaches to enable them to design the team’s playing strategy.

Other Staff: This includes a Kit Manager who manages the player’s kits, both training and playing. which is usually a temporary role given to a young candidate or sometimes a fresher, and Runner boys who manage small and menial tasks at practice sessions and at the team’s accommodation, which is again a role that is usually given to young interns that wish to work with a professional team.

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