What are the responsibilities of an operations manager?

In sport, operations refer to the process of planning, executing and managing an event.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, operations consist of at least thirteen different teams.

An operations manager would ideally be hired into one of these teams.

An operations manager has three responsibilities:


An operations manager will be part of the planning process. 

Depending on the team he or she is part of an operations manager will spend anywhere between 2-8 weeks prior to the event, planning for the day of the event.

This includes making a list of the temporary personnel required to be hired for the vent, the workflow prior to and on the day of the event, the equipment and venue constructs needed, and any other requirements critical to the execution of the plan.

Execution & Management

An operations manager is responsible for executing the plans laid out prior to and during the event.

Some operations are heavily occupied prior to the event. Teams such as event teams that help set up the event venue, or accreditation teams that help provide all necessary personnel with accreditation; or sponsorship teams that ensure all guidelines are adhered to and all sponsor deliverables are in place.

Support functionality

An operations manager, in addition to performing his or her role during an event; may be expected to support other operations teams as well.

This is usually in the case of teams that may have limited work on the day of the event.

For example, an events operations team’s job main role is to get the event venue ready for the day of the event. On the day of the event, the events operations team has to simply oversee all arrangements and make sure everything is in working order. In such a scenario, an events operations manager may be available to help out with other teams such as security operations or entertainment operations on the day of the event.


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