What are the roles available in a Sports Non-Profit?

Sports Non-profits have become a critical part of the Indian sporting ecosystem.

They not only help identify and provide opportunities to promising rising talent, but they also run grassroots programs that use sport as a way to bring about social change.

Sports Non-Profits also support athletes in addition to the benefits athletes get from the government.

There are broadly seven categories of roles at a Sports NPO.


  • The Board of Trustees or Board of Directors consisting of the founder(s), office bearers and others experts and early believers.



  • Ambassadors and Advisors that could include noted sportspersons and well-wishers.



  • Senior Management or Leadership team including C-level Executives with multiple years of experience under their belt.



  • Four is the Programme team that is in charge of implementing the program, driving it forward,  the overall management of the program, and its execution.



  • Partnerships and Fundraising Team responsible is to help the sports NPO raise funding, bring beneficial partnerships to the NPO and manage the relationships with partners and donors.



  • Operations team tasked with supporting the day-to-day operations of the NPO.



  • Communications Team in charge of communication, both external communication where the NPO communicates to its stakeholders and the public; and Internal communication includes the smooth flow of information within the organization.



  • Support Team: HR, Legal, Finance, Admin 
  • The administration team manages the daily requirements of an NPO, the HR team that helps the sports NPO find and hire the right people for the job and oversees employee well-being and welfare; the legal team looks after agreements, contract drafting & negotiations, coordinating both within and with the partner organizations; and the finance team that ensures the good financial health of the sports NPO.



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