What do sports organizations in the Indian sports industry look for in a candidate?

A short, simple, and good answer: The right Personality, the required Proficiency; an added bonus would be Passion for Indian sport.

Let us, here at Sporjo, break that down for you.

There are several hundred, if not thousands of people in India that would like to work in the Indian sports industry. They see what goes on TV, probably think that sports is a glamorous job, feel they may be passionate enough, and then might begin randomly applying to job openings on various job sites.

This approach, however, is not very appropriate in our opinion. And those who employ it may most likely end up disappointed. Why?

Because it does not take into account what are the two most important factors that companies in the Indian sports industry take into consideration when shortlisting, interviewing, and eventually hiring a candidate for a job opening.

Luckily for you, Team Sporjo has over 20 years of experience working at every level in the Indian sports industry. We can give you the secret sauce:

Personality + Proficiency + (Passion) = Job or Career in the Indian sports industry.


This may seem like a vague criteria. But it is a very important one. 

It is absolutely critical to understand what your personality type is. And not just a basic understanding.

A deep dive into understanding your personality will help you identify the jobs that you are best suited for. This helps immensely. You increase your chances of successfully landing a job if you, and the company you are applying to, know exactly how and why your personality makes you an ideal candidate for a particular job opening.

If, for example, you have an outgoing, energetic personality, you may be better suited for a role in public relations or sports broadcasting.

However, if you have a personality that is more reserved and introverted, you may be better suited for a role behind the scenes in sports administration or operations.


This may seem obvious. But is often ignored.

A company in the Indian sports industry, just like in any other industry, is a business. And businesses need to make money, grow, and have an impact on society in order to be successful.

In such a scenario, companies often need candidates who can add value to the organization, preferably from the day they join. Value, for a company, is measured in terms of proficiency in a particular type of skill. 

If, for example, you are great with numbers and have an eye for details, you might be better suited for a role in sports data analytics.

However, if you are someone who has great presentation skills, you might be better suited for a role in sports sales and sponsorships.

Correctly identifying the skills you have, and highlighting your level of proficiency will help you narrow down the list of jobs you could apply to. This may not only help in increasing your odds of success in finding a job but may help you stand out from a vast list of those who are applying for the same job.


We have put passion in brackets because it is a complex topic which we have addressed in this blog post on Sporjo


But, you say, hold up. If everyone reads this, how is this a secret anymore?

That is the beauty of the sauce. You see, while everyone may know the recipe, everyone’s sauce is different. This means that even if everyone knew that personality + proficiency + passion equals job and career in the Indian sports industry, not everyone has the exact same balance of ingredients.

Some may have the personality and the proficiency but lack the passion.

Some may have the passion and the personality but lack the proficiency

Some may have the proficiency and the passion but lack the personality

And then there are those that have all three but in different variations that suit different jobs.

Candidate A who is outgoing and active could be better suited for a job in PR and communication than Candidate B who is reserved and loves numbers and excel sheets; who by the way could be better at accounting and finance than Candidate A.

So once again, the key to being successful and finding a job and beginning a career in the Indian sports industry is:

Personality + Proficiency + (Passion) = Job or Career in the Indian sports industry.

Here at Sporjo, we believe we can not just help you get started but see you through the journey of getting a job and beginning a career in the Indian sports industry.

To find out how we can help you, visit us here today.