What does a club or team digital manager do?

A club’s or a team’s digital manager is tasked with optimising the use of all the organization’s digital assets and using digital platforms to achieve the following objectives:

To build a large and loyal following of lifetime supporters and avid fans

To help increase revenue

To inform on in-season milestones

To highlight schedules, programs, and players

To highlight the club or team’s social causes

Newer clubs often outsource their digital media strategy to a digital media company. However, as clubs establish themselves, they bring all the work in-house.

Contrary to popular belief a club or a team’s digital manager’s work never stops.

In fact, his or her work is cyclical.

He or she is deeply engaged and reactive during the season, launching campaigns that keep the team’s fans tuned in to the season.

While in the offseason, the digital manager puts together plans that keep the fans engaged and excited for the next season.

Daily duties of a club or team’s digital manager include but are not restricted to:

  • Execution of the yearly digital strategy laid out
  • Tracking of all relevant data, e.g. engagement, conversions, the share of voice, etc.
  • Making real-time decisions on continuing good campaigns and stopping underperforming ones.
  • Creating reports for sales and marketing teams to make decisions on future campaigns
  • Build and maintain a deep understanding of digital media platforms and the various tools to manage them.

A club or a team’s digital manager is a critical part of the organization’s growth strategy. Efficient and effective use of digital platforms to grow revenues, build awareness and create new fans are part of the responsibility that the digital manager is tasked with. 

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