What does a digital manager do in the Indian sports industry?

Digital media has become part of the bedrock upon which sports is consumed.

This is not just the case in India, but also around the world.

This has led to a massive uptick in digital media jobs in the Indian sports industry.

This is a sneak peek into the day-to-day activities of a Digital Media Manager in the Indian sports industry.

Campaign Planning

In the sports industry, campaign planning is often wrapped around a sporting event. An example would be a football season, a cricketing series, or a kabaddi tournament.

Campaigns start before such an event and reach their peak during the event.

A Digital Media Manager has a pulse and deep knowledge of such events and plans campaigns around them.

Content Planning & Execution

A part of campaign planning, a Digital Media Manager plans the content calendar well in advance.

This allows the manager to spend valuable time in executing the plan during the event.

This includes posting content, communicating with followers and fans, and tracking engagements.

Content is also planned for the off-season, or in simpler terms, when there is no active competition going one.

This helps to keep followers and fans engaged and keeps the relationship alive until the next event or season rolls around.

Data tracking and analytics

A Digital Media Manager is responsible for daily tracking and analysis of data on the campaign and content strategy.

Tracking likes, comments, click-throughs, site visits, sales, and other such critical engagement metrics are among the most critical daily tasks of a Digital Media Manager.

This not only helps the manager gauge performance, but also tweak strategy in case it is not meeting targets.

Reporting & Research

A Digital Media Manager is responsible for preparing reports - daily, weekly, monthly and whole campaign.

These reports will contain data on how each of the posts performed, the quality of engagement on various digital media platforms, and how much the campaign fell short or exceeded the targets.

Once the manager has the reports, he or she will conduct research on how to improve the strategy to make it more effective and efficient the next time around.


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