What is value in a sports sales & sponsorship pitch?

Sales & sponsorships strategy, it is believed, is common across all industries.

While that maybe be somewhat true, sports sales & sponsorships stand out from the rest of the pack for two reasons: emotion & passion.

Both emotion and passion run high in the sports industry. Which is why brands who wish to associate with sport strive to make fans “feel” something when consuming a marketing campaign.

This is a critical insight when seeking to make a sales & sponsorship pitch to a brand or sponsor looking to associate with sport.

A sales & sponsorship manager should not only capitalize on the passion a sporting entity’s - athlete, team, league, event or federation - fans carry for the respective entity, but also help the potential sponsor see the value in associating with the sporting entity.

Without a clear value exchange, the odds of a sales & sponsorship deal being successful are minimal.

Value is important because:

  • Mutual benefit: Both the brand and the sporting entity should benefit from the association. Benefits can be direct, such as increased sales or an endorsement fee, or indirect, such as more eyeballs for the brand or enhanced image of a team associating with a premium brand.
  • Relationships: Sales is not about securing a deal, it is about building a relationship. The soundest human relationships are based on a myriad of factors, one of which is the value one brings to another. Similarly, in a sales & sponsorship deal, a true value exchange will help the two parties - i.e. the brand and the sporting entity - build a meaningful relationship.
  • Potential for Renewal: Both the brand and the entity should derive value to ensure that a long term deal can be negotiated. Some of the biggest sporting deals in the world are multi-year deals because the two parties, i.e. the brand and the sporting entity, see immense value in the association.


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