What kind of job roles exist for an engineer in Indian sport?

Technology and data are driving a revolution on how we play and consume sport today.

Right from something as simple as a mobile device in the hands of a fan right up to the wearables that track several vital health factors on an athlete, technology and data has become integral to the evolution of sports.

As this growth continues, the need for specialists from STEM fields to work in sports increases.

In India itself, engineers span across varied job roles such as data scientists for fantasy gaming platforms, to full-stack developers for sports solutions providers, to even game developers for the fast-rising Esports domain.

Even in age-old sports sectors such as broadcasting or sales & sponsorship, there is a rising requirement for those qualified with a specialization in the sciences to oversee technological and data-based advances.

As an engineer, your pursuit of a career in a sport should begin with two critical questions:

  1. What sport(s) or aspect of sport am I passionate about? Maybe you are drawn towards data and its role in helping a team or an athlete perform better. Or maybe you are passionate about creating technological hardware solutions for improved grassroots development. Or maybe you also have a creative bent of mind that aims to create an online game of your own. Identifying where your passion lies is the first step in your journey in finding a career in sport.
  2. What technical skill are you proficient at? Maybe you are a programmer who works on building software solutions. Or maybe you are a mechanical or electrical engineer with a skill to build machines that help athletes train better. Or maybe you are a civil engineer with the skill set to help build sports infrastructure. Defining your skillset and the level of proficiency you bring to the table is the second step to narrowing down which jobs or careers in Indian sport are best suited for?

Once you have answered the above two questions you will be able to narrow down the kinds of roles you are suited for, and also confidently apply to those that best suit your passion and proficiency.

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