What kind of jobs are available in the Indian sports industry?

The Indian sports Industry features over 50 types of job roles across multiple verticals.

The verticals can be divided into two functional categories:


  • Sports Finance
  • Sports Business
  • Sport Marketing
  • Sports Sales and Sponsorships
  • Sports Finance
  • Sports Digital Media
  • Sports Law


  • Sports Operations
  • Sports Data and Analysis
  • Sports Broadcasting
  • Sports Grassroots
  • Sports Goods and Merchandising
  • Sports Presenting
  • Sports Imaging - Videographer & Photographer
  • Sports Technology

Basic functions are those in which a skill set can be applied across the industry, irrespective of the company, organization or federation you work at.

For e.g. No matter which company in the Indian sports industry you work at, the fundamentals of Sports Finance, or Sports Sales & Sponsorships remain the same.

Specific functions are those for which you either need a skill set that is not only specific to your job role, but often specific to the company you work at.

For e.g. A role in Sports Data & Analytics on a professional cricket team is vastly different from one at a football federation.

Each vertical has multiple job roles, and each job role has multiple levels - Manager, Executive, Assistants, etc.

This amounts to several dozen types of jobs in the Indian sports industry.

Most candidates cast a wide net when applying to jobs in the Indian sports industry.

They tend to apply for any and all jobs that fall within the scope of their passion and what they think they are capable.

A tiny percentage of these candidates may even be successful in finding a job.

But most will either fall short, or wait agonizingly long to get a job.

The key to increasing your odds of landing a job and building a career as soon as possible is finding and applying to roles that suit your passion, complement your personality and value your proficiency.

Hitting all three targets - passion, personality, proficiency - dramatically increase your odds of successfully finding a job in the Indian sports industry.

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