What skills are needed most to build a career in the Indian sports industry?

Here is another way to look at the question: What skill would you need to get employed in the Indian sports industry?

Let us, here at Sporjo, help you think through this.

Where does your passion lie?

Say you played kabaddi in school and want to get a job working in the professional league.

While being passionate about kabaddi is helpful, it is important to understand what aspect of organizing the league you are most passionate about. 

Are you someone who is passionate about helping organize the event? Then you will be suited for a role in the operations team. 

Are you passionate about telling stories and reporting? Then you will be suited for a role on the Public Relations (PR) or digital content team. 

Are you passionate about Fan engagement? Then you will be suited for a role on the In-stadia Entertainment team or even the digital media team.

What is your personality type?

Often people are deeply passionate about something, but may not have the personality to make a living from it. You might be passionate about cooking and eating sambar rice or butter chicken, but do you have the personality needed to make a living from it by building and running a restaurant?

As discussed in earlier posts, the Indian sports industry is evolving. And that evolution has led to the creation of jobs and roles that suit every type of personality. 

Take the example of someone who is an avid runner. She might even be a very good amateur marathoner. And while she is passionate about running and watching the sport, her personality is one of a quiet person who likes to work with and analyze numbers. In such a scenario she might be well suited to be an analyst with a company that organizes a marathon.

What skills are you already proficient at?

It is great that you are passionate and have a personality to work and build a career in the Indian sports industry. But what skills are you proficient at that will allow sports companies to see you as someone valuable that they should hire?

Here is an example:

Company X is one of the fastest-growing sports companies in the fantasy gaming space in India.

And while sports is often associated with a game that is played on the ground, Company X is a sports company that exists online. In this case, getting a job with a company like Company X does not depend on how good a batsman you are, or what position you played on your football team. 

What matters is the skills that will help you add value to Company X.

Examples of such skills could be programming, data analysis, online community building, and digital media expertise. This is not a complete list by any means, but it gives you an idea of how to approach understanding where your skill set matches the type and needs of a company that you wish to work for.

Always remember the tested formula: Passion + Personality + Proficiency = Job & Career in the Indian Sports Industry.

At Breathe we have developed a first of its kind test that helps you identify your personality and recognize your proficiency. The test highlights your strengths and recommends our online course modules to improve on your weaknesses. All this is to make it easier for you to find a job and build a career in the Indian sports industry.

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