What sports jobs roles will see a growth in the next few years?

The Indian sports industry continues to grow at an unparalleled rate. One indication is that the sales and sponsorships revenue crossed rupees 9000 crores last year - a 25% growth from the year before.

This growth enables the industry to evolve thus creating, not only more jobs but new roles as well.

Some of the roles that will see growth over the next few years are:

Digital Media roles

Digital media has always been important. As multiple leagues in India compete with each other, digital media strategies to stand out have become a priority. As such, it has become important for teams, leagues and federations to hire candidates that not only understand digital media but having a working knowledge of how various elements such as tracking user behaviour, setting and achieving key performance indicators, building and executing a sound digital media strategy, and understanding the stages of fandom.


E-sports was not considered by many to be “real sport”. However, as the world moved indoors over the last several months, sports fans and the industry have begun to recognize the influence, growth, and potential for e-sports. In addition to the conventional roles such as marketing, sales, event operations and administration, industry-specific roles such as sound and graphic designers, game developers, casters and commentators, analysts and many such roles will begin to open up.

Data & Analytics

The evolution of technology has enabled everyone to gain access to real-time data. Right from fan consuming the statistics of a favourite player to the CEO of a sports sponsor reviewing a sponsorship campaign, everyone engages with data multiple times a day. Data, however, is raw, and as such needs to be broken down, analysed and presented in a simple and consumable manner to the end-user. Roles such as analysts, data scientists, and visualizers will be on the rise.

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