Will my knowledge on sports land me a job in the Indian sports industry?

Your knowledge of sports is critical to land a job in the Indian sports industry.

But it is not enough.

The passion for sport and the knowledge that comes from following it is not uncommon among candidates who want to work in the Indian sports industry.

In fact, it is that very passion and knowledge that makes someone want to work for their favourite team, manage their favourite player, or execute an event in their favourite sport.

And for all these, having a deep knowledge of the sport you are working in is crucial.

For example, an entertainment manager who oversees the entire show flow for a live football match should be fully aware of the rules of the game, the names of the players, and the regulations governing the sport. This helps him or her to ensure that the show flow is well within the prescribed rules and regulation, and also ensure that he or she can plan activation and engagement moments such as chants at the appropriate moments in the game.

However, simply knowing a sport, or even multiple sports is not enough.

Every candidate must also possess a skill that he or she is proficient at, and have a personality that matches the job he or she is applying for.

All three elements - i.e. passion, personality, and proficiency - put together make a complete candidate for the Indian sports industry.

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