Will networking help me getting a job in the Indian Sports Industry

We hear this question a lot.

Not just in the Indian sports industry, but in every industry.

Many believe networking to be a magical and helpful tactic to build better relationships in an industry.

This is only partially true.

Networking only works when the two people involved in the action of networking bring value to each other.

Simply put, no value = poor networking.

When you approach someone for the purpose of networking, be it online or in person, it is important to do and have the following three things ready.

  1. A brief introduction of who you are and what you have done
  2. A proposal or an idea you have and wish to share
  3. A clear ask or request from the other person with regards to the proposal or idea.

The introduction has to be brief.

Simply mention your name, your current background. This could either be your educational pursuit or your current company and what you do at the company.

Your proposal and idea need to be well thought out.

Even if it is a simple idea, make sure you have rehearsed presenting or talking about it.

And finally, your ask or request has to be specific.

For example, I am a sport management graduate with an interest in events and a keen interest to join a football club. Do you know what is the best way to approach the XYZ team?

Or, I am currently working at XYZ organization and have a project I am overseeing. Would you be interested in working on the XYZ element of the project with my organization?

Some key elements and best practices to keep in mind when networking:

  • Have a clear understanding of what you wish to convey
  • Keep your personal introduction brief and to the point
  • Let the other person speak. - A good listener is far more memorable than a persistent talker.
  • Attempt to keep the conversation as brief as needed.

On the flip side, though, there are some key things you should avoid completely when looking to build a helpful professional network.

  • Do not interrupt another conversation the person might be having.
  • Even if you are looking for a job, do not ask them for one upfront. 
  • Do not linger on after the conversation is over
  • Do not ask personal questions.
  • If you choose to add the person on LinkedIn, do not hound them with multiple messages.
  • Do not use their contact details as a reason to start a personal conversation.

What if you are at an event and have no real agenda to networking? How are you expected to have a request from everyone you meet.

The answer is simple.

Everyone looking to network has something they need.

This could be talking about and sharing information on a new venture, help in finding a job, opportunity, or project, or seeking advice on a particular issue.

Before you approach anyone, prepare what you will say to them.

A prepared person is a confident person.

A confident person is a memorable person.

A memorable person builds stronger networks. 

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