Am I too late to transition into the Indian sports industry?

It is never too late to be what you might have been - Mary Ann Evans, English Novelist

Evans was speaking about life in general.

However, can you, dear reader, who has spent a few too many years, in the first career of choice, find a way to reasonably transition to the Indian sports industry?

There is good news; you can.

The Indian sports industry is growing at a rapid pace. In fact, it far exceeds the growth rate of any emerging sports market in the world.

All this has led to the growth of an industry to support the incredible amount of activity, which in turn requires an incredible amount of people to plan, execute and manage this activity.

The sports industry is a complex set of activities spread across various verticals.

These are verticals such as law, financial management, medicine, engineering, tech, digital media, sales & marketing.

A healthy sports industry such as the Indian sports industry requires professionals from all walks of life in order to continue to grow.

The question, on your mind, though is, what about your seniority at your current role?

The answer is simple. It all lies in your value.

Companies in the Indian sport industry function just like a regular company.

And you will be given a role and a designation that is commensurate to your value to the company.

In fact, there are multiple instances where people in senior positions have transitioned from a non-sports company to a better designation at a sports company.

If you have the passion, a personality and the proficiency required to execute a role you are applying for, a sports company will give you the designation and the salary you deserve.

So how do you and the company you are applying to determine your value, you ask?

That’s where we come in.

The Sporjo team boasts of decades of experience in the Indian sports industry.

This experience, along with the help of leading experts in their respective fields, has helped us create the Sporjo process.

With regards to determining your level of skill and proficiency for the job, as a first step, we at Sporjo have created SPORSCORR, a test that objectively measures, not just your level of skill, but also determines your personality and passion and highlights the job verticals you are most likely to succeed in sports.

To get started with your Sporjo process, visit us at and register to take the test today!