When you take SPORJO MENTOR, you -

  • Take SPORSCORR TM - get your passion, proficiency and personality profile - map to the right roles
  • 11 individual sessions with an industry expert
  • 1st session - 90 mins, detailed analysis of SPORSCORRTM report
  • 10-weekly sessions - 45 minutes each, personalised guided approach to multiple industry projects
  • SPORPRREP module - access to one SPORPRREPTM module
  • 3 projects - 1 SPORPRREPTM project + 2 SPORJOTM guided industry projects
  • Present your projects to industry professionals - get industry feedback, gain first hand experience and confidence from industry
  • Get job ready with first hand advice and support on possible positions in the industry as they become available and get ahead of the pack


G Srinivvasan - CEO Sporjo

Ex - IMG-Reliance, BCCI, Nike, ESPN

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Becoming job ready, gaining confidence to crack interviews and access to the sports industry
Get ahead of the pack for job opportunities
Objective mapping - clear map to jobs suited to you as an individual
Personalised guidance - individual attention over 12 weeks with an industry expert
Industry experience - multiple real projects to build own profile and proficiency
Placement assistance - focused searches and placement advice to eventual jobs


  • Students about to enter the industry or professionals wishing to enter the industry or further their careers in Sports management.

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