About Humanics

Humanics is a consultancy in the science of sport. Humanics works to contribute to the development of the sports ecosystem in India by providing professional expertise in the science of sport.

“Sport Science is a multi-disciplinary field concerned with the understanding and enhancement of human performance. It includes the knowledge, methods and applications of sub-disciplines of human sciences including exercise physiology, biomechanics, genetics, biochemistry, psychology, nutrition, analytics among many others as well as how they interact“

Sport Science is essentially the study of the limits of human endeavour and the application of scientific principles to stretch these limits.

- Karishma Boolani
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HUMANICS Career is a program that works with you 1:1 to map out your strengths, weaknesses, unique skills and talents, educational and work history in order to create your professional profile to launch your career within the sports science ecosystem in India. The career consult will also provide guidance on available work opportunities for you, what you can expect to get paid for your experience and skill, and concrete steps that you can take toward a fulfilling career in the sport sciences.


Personal profile building Understanding Goals & Aspirations Decoding Education & Work history
Training and skilling specific to sports science
Career Guidance Consultation with experts from the sports science industry
Professional Profile Creation (CV/Resume) with guidance from the sports industry experts

What You Get

This service includes 2 X 45 minute sessions with sport scientist Karishma Boolani.

Session 1

Personal profile building
Understanding Goals & Aspirations
Decoding Education & Work history .

Session 2

Deep dive career consultation
Potential work opportunities
Advice on commercials, salaries for you .

Professional Profile

Industry specific professional profile created
Professionally presented and accepted
Your passport to roles in the industry.

SPORJO Database

Profile live on database for 1 year
Eligible to be considered for positions
Push profile for the right roles.

NOTE - *The service does not guarantee a placement. It increases the chances of being placed and advises you to set your career up.


John Gloster

John is an Australian Sports Physiotherapist of 28 years’ experience, working with elite athletes, international sport’s teams as well as the general sporting population. He the Head of Sports Science & Medicine, GoSports Foundation India. Head Physiotherapist & Medical Co-ordinator, Rajasthan Royals IPL Franchise and has previously worked as the Ex Head Physiotherapist for the Indian Cricket Team, Bangladesh Cricket team and the Surrey County Cricket Team. Recently John has also covered the Pakistan Super League, Masters Champion’s League and the T10 International Leagues in the UAE as head physiotherapist. John has been based in India for 16 years and has been involved in over 60 international cricket tours & series as a head physiotherapist. He is often seen on numerous TV shows in India for expert comments on sporting, health, lifestyle and injury related topics both in the sporting as well as the general population.

Karishma Boolani

Karishma Boolani is a Sports Scientist with a degree in Behavioural Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Melbourne, Australia (2010) and a Sports Science degree from Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia (2013). She has been working as a Sport Scientist in India since 2014, is the founder of HUMANICS, India’s first sports science consultancy.

Kruti Khemani

Kruti Khemani is a sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist having 17+ years of experience in the field of physiotherapy internationally and in India, including the Canterbury-Bankstown rugby league in Australia, the U-Mumbai kabaddi team, the Soccernava football academy and the Air India National football team in India, among many others.

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Humanics is India’s first consultancy in Sport Science founded by Karishma Boolani. The term “Humanics” is short for “Human Mechanics” and represents research, training, education and awareness on all areas dealing the science of the human body. Humanics works to consult businesses in both the sports ecosystem & health ecosystem in India on the application of sport science to optimize human health, well-being and high performance.
Humanics is the official sport science partner at Sporjo and this partnership was created with an aim to open up careers in sport sciences to all those interested in the field, no matter what your background or expertise. Humanics Sporjo has 2 programs:
Humanics classroom is an online discussion based educational program created to introduce you to the various subjects within the sport sciences, a sneak-peak into the most current and relevant application of these sciences in the field, interaction with some of the leading experts in the field and a guide to current career opportunities avaialble in the sport sciences in India. Each Humanics Classroom module is made up of 4 X 2 hour sessions across 4 weeks. Karishma Boolani leads all sessions. She will guide you on the relevant information and will have discussions with leading experts in the field to give you real time insight into the ecosystem. The second hour of each session with be interactive, with the floor open for Q&A and more extensive discussion on the module topic. You will receive a certificate on completion of each module.
Humanics Career is a highly personalized career guidance program that is designed to understand your, strengths, skills, passions and abilities to guide you toward the best pathway for you to enter and create a fulfilling career within the sport science ecosystem
The program will equip you with the knowledge and tools required to kickstart a career in the sport sciences in the most effective and impactful way.
The Humanics Classroom program is the first of its kind educational career program in the sport sciences. It the only program available on offer that is a blend of introductory material, technical theory, practical information, career guidance and networking all rolled into one, and is the most relevant and current sport science overview program available in India. After each module of Humanics classroom you will be well equipped with an understanding of the topic area both from a theoretical and practical stand point, and you can find what is the best fit for you, via exploring the various modules. The Humanics Career Program will guide you to understand your personal pathway into the sport sciences ecosystem based on your current level of knowledge, expertise and interest in a particular field. A professional profile will be created for your based on your background and interest. You will be given a copy of your professional profile for the sport sciences and placed into our database for job openings and career opportunities allowing us to alert you when we find a good fit for you.
The Humanics Sporjo programs are designed to equip you with the most relevant and current knowledge regarding the sport science ecosystem in India with the aim of empowering you to create your own pathway into a career in sport science. If you opt for the Humanics Career program you will get 2 X 45 min individual sessions with Karishma Boolani, a professional profile created for you by our team, and first access to career opportunities that are avaialble within the sports sciences.
The Humanics classroom program is for anyone interested in a career in sport science in India, regardless of their educational qualifications or expertise in a particular field, age, gender, background etc. The program is designed to take you through various topics in sport science from an introductory level through some theoretical & practical understanding of the subject area and shed light on general career pathways an opportunities in that area. Thus, this program is valuable for school students, university students, parents, experts, job seekers and individuals curious about the sport sciences, simply looking to expand their understanding of the topic. The Humanics Career program is catered towards those who already have some expertise and education within the field and would like personalised guidance on career opportunities.
Yes, after each module of the Humanics Classroom program, you will receive a certificate. As part of the Humanics Careers program you will receive a professional profile, which is similar to a CV that is specially geared towards creating a career in the sport science domain.
Humanics Sporjo will increase your chances of getting a job in the sports ecosystem that suits your skills and passions, thus increasing your chances of success in securing a job and in thriving at the job / career of your choice. Although we cannot guarantee a job, we do our best to ensure that candidates have every tool avaialble, are armed with useful knowledge, are positioned correctly and have access to the best network, thus making it very likely for you to secure a fulfilling and satisfying job within the sports ecosystem.