About Humanics

Humanics is a consultancy in the science of sport. Humanics works to contribute to the development of the sports ecosystem in India by providing professional expertise in the science of sport.

“Sport Science is a multi-disciplinary field concerned with the understanding and enhancement of human performance. It includes the knowledge, methods and applications of sub-disciplines of human sciences including exercise physiology, biomechanics, genetics, biochemistry, psychology, nutrition, analytics among many others as well as how they interact“

Sport Science is essentially the study of the limits of human endeavour and the application of scientific principles to stretch these limits.

- Karishma Boolani
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Access to the best freelance and full-time opportunities in the sports ecosystem in India
Career Guidance Consultation with experts from the sports science industry
Training and skilling specific to sports science
Professional Profile Creation (CV/Resume) with guidance from the sports industry experts
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Sporjo x Humanics - Career Starter

What You Get

This service includes 2 X 45 minute sessions with sport scientist Karishma Boolani.

Session 1

Personal profile building
Understanding Goals & Aspirations
Decoding Education & Work history .

Session 2

Deep dive career consultation
Potential work opportunities
Advice on commercials, salaries for you .

Professional Profile

Industry specific professional profile created
Professionally presented and accepted
Your passport to roles in the industry.

SPORJO Database

Profile live on database for 1 year
Eligible to be considered for positions
Push profile for the right roles.

NOTE - *The service does not guarantee a placement. It increases the chances of being placed and advises you to set your career up.


Karishma Boolani

Karishma Boolani is a Sports Scientist with a degree in Behavioural Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Melbourne, Australia (2010) and a Sports Science degree from Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia (2013).

She is the founder of HUMANICS, India’s first sport science consultancy though which she works to bring together some of the best minds in human performance, health and fitness and sport, and use a combination of research & development, brainstorming sessions, consulting and training to provide solutions in the form of programs, products and services that aim to nurture the sports and health ecosystem in India. It is her vision to create a world in which environments are designed to encourage human beings to thrive, rather than simply survive.

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