You only have one life to live, and it’s yours. You have the power to take control and pursue your goals. As a senior professional, up skilling yourself or transitioning to another industry can be daunting prospects, more so in the Sports Industry in India where no clear roadmaps exist.

To solve this exact problem, Sporjo presents a Best-in-Class program delivered by Sports Industry veterans. Sporjo Plus is an exclusive platform for CXO and senior positions, for people with a minimum of 7 years of experience. Sporjo’s meritocratic and scientific process helps assess the personality of the individual, provides exclusive mentorship, give you an opportunity to pitch real-life projects to Industry leaders and provides placement support once the program is concluded. The program is divided into three slabs


1 Exclusive

Mentorship Sessions

INR 25,000+ GST
  • Duration for the session will be 45 mins
  • Mentored by CXOs in the sports industry
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2 Exclusive

Mentorship Sessions

INR 60,000+ GST
  • Duration per session will be 45 mins
  • Placement Assistance
  • Mentored by CXOs in the sports industry
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4 Exclusive

Mentorship Sessions

INR 1,00,000+ GST
  • Duration per session will be 45 mins
  • Placement Assistance
  • Exclusive Career Manager for placement assistance
  • Mentored by CXOs in the sports industry
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  • Middle & Senior level professionals
  • Heads of Departments
  • Directors
  • CXOs

Simply put, this is for any individual with 7 or more years of experience looking to transition to senior roles within Sports Management



For Elite and Pro tiers, the mentor selected at the start will be the mentors for all the sessions


Customised Personal Assessment
Mentorship by sports Industry Veterans
Study real-life examples structured into the curriculum
Work on real-life business problems
Chance to pitch projects to Sports Industry Leaders
Access to senior Leadership roles with leading Sports Organisations
Certification from Sporjo
No Cost EMI option available


The sports industry is dynamic. There is a range of roles available from Sales, Marketing, Operations, Digital, Broadcasting etc. The list is extensive. There are upwards of hundreds and thousands of jobs within the industry (a number that will constantly increase).

These roles exist at every level – Fresher, Middle Management and Senior Leadership. Our tests and training content is scientifically designed to assess and support your transition at each stage of your career. The tests and the content are dynamic based on your level of experience.
Working in sports requires subject matter expertise that you can transfer to the context of the industry. Our mission is to convert your passion to your profession. Our Tests, Training Content and Consulting are designed to also help people who would like to transition to a Sports career from other industries.

While experience can be viewed favourably, it is not a pre-requisite for working in sports especially as far as Sporjo’s services are concerned.
Sporjo caters to everyone interested in working in sports. From an intern to junior levels to senior managers leading up to a CEO. This, of course, depends on jobs being available and your profile match with the requirements for the job.
Our ultimate goal is to find the best-fit careers in the sports industry for you. Taking the Sporjo Test, going through our training content, and speaking with our industry experts are a solution to help you transition to the sports industry. Availing these services will prepare you towards jobs in Sports.

Getting a job or a job interview are contingent on other factors as well. Just like getting a high GMAT or CAT score is not a guarantee of getting into a good B-school, but it gives you an advantage in applying to the schools of your choice.

Sporjo’s proprietary products and services are there to ensure that you are best positioned for a career in sports and get your foot in the door to the industry. If there is a mutual fit, Sporjo ensures the companies and you are put in touch even without prior Sports experience.

Our scientific test ensures we are leaving no stone unturned in assessing your suitability and our training content is designed to get you prepared, confident for the transition and position you for success in your conversations with our clients for specific opportunities suited to you.

Our 1:1 consultation sessions will give you exclusive access to experienced industry insiders. These consultants are senior professionals who have contributed to the Sports industry in India. They can guide you through your test results, give you personalized suggestions for acquiring skills you can invest in and create a practical action plan to make this transition.

Our online training modules have content directly designed by experts in the industry. This content is proprietary to Sporjo. This highly practical content is designed to give you the confidence to approach your area of expertise with a lens of sport. It prepares you to be your best confident self to crack interviews.

When you undergo one of the training modules, you also become eligible to have the chance to pitch for one of the many real-life projects available from our partners. These are actual business problems organisations are seeking solutions to. By putting your best foot forward towards these projects, your chances of being hired increase many fold. It is a great opportunity to gain an insight into the industry as well as giving you a path to being hired by one of these organisations.