Can I earn a living working in the Indian sport industry

The answer you want: Yes, absolutely.

The reply you need: It depends on you.

Everyone who has a passion for sport, believes they want to work in sport.

And with the professionalization of Indian sport, private players with deep pockets are beginning to see sports as a viable investment.

Take or example the Indian Super League due to which each team spends about 50 crores annually.

That adds up to more than 2.000 crores having been spent by private players on running professional ISL teams in just the last six seasons.

And that is just the money spent on the teams.

This does not take into account the money that has gone into ad spends on different types of media, on-ground sponsorships, endorsements, and any other activity that generates economic activity within the sports industry.

Now multiply that over the multiple other leagues and private companies that exist in the Indian sports industry and you begin to see its economic vibrancy.

With so much investment at stake, there is a natural need for professionals to fill up job roles at these teams, organizations, and institutions.

There are over 50 types of job roles in over a dozen different verticals in the Indian sports industry.

Job roles are as varied as a Hospitality Manager at a stadium, a data analyst on a professional team, a business development manager with a sports brand, or even a digital media executive for a sports federation.

Every role requires:

1. A distinct set of proficient skills

2. A particular type of personality

3. A certain level of passion

Getting the above three requirements right is critical to landing a job and building a career in the Indian sports industry.

This consequently leads to earning a living in the Indian sports industry.

As it grows, and more companies enter the fray, the Indian sports industry will continue to add hundreds to thousands of jobs every year.

And contrary to popular belief one can earn a very respectable living working in the Indian sports industry.

If that was not the case, do you think anyone would dedicate 20 years of their working lives to the industry, much like Sporjo’s founders and many others have?

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