What are the responsibilities of a team manager?

A team manager with a professional sports team has primarily three responsibilities


A team manager is tasked with ensuring there is a clear line of communication between all stakeholders of the team and its players.

This is done to primarily ensure that both parties, i.e. players and team management are not getting mixed signals from each other.

All general communication between the two parties will be usually routed through the team manager. In most cases, a team manager will be part of a conversation that takes place between a player and a member of the team management.

Source of Information

A team manager has to be on top of all information regarding the team. This involves everything from the finer details on every player’s contract, to the team’s schedule including practice days, match days, media days and rest days.

A team manager needs to possess all information as it relates to the team on his or her fingertips.

This becomes critical in times of contract negotiation, a player claiming non-receipt of salary or benefits, or player transfers.

Confidante and Disciplinarian

A team manager has to play the dual role of being a confidante and a disciplinarian.

Players often display the highest level of professionalism. However, there are times when a player makes mistakes.

It is up to the team manager to ensure that the highest levels of discipline are maintained right from simple things like uniformity in apparel to arrival at the stadium for match day.

At the same time, a team manager may often be expected to play the role of a confidante, especially with the young or inexperienced players. 

A player may have issues adjusting with the style of play or may have some trouble dealing with the attitude of another player or a member of the coaching staff.

In this case a manager should develop a trusting relationship with the player in order to encourage him or her to open up and work through any professional issues the player might be facing.


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